Time Is On Our Side
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Running through Venice, Italy, Europe, Time. there is no rush in enjoying the beauty that this earth allows us to witness.
A short fragment of the story

Time is running out, for whom we are not sure. Is it us? Is it Venice, waiting to be submerged ? Running a race against time. Running a race that has no end. 

Looking over our shoulders we halt to a stop. As we stop, the world continues, streamlining around us. Why run against time, when time can be enjoyed. This inevitably needs not erode the time spent. The world will turn, beauty can continue.

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Why this story is important
This story, to me, is important because it is a reminder that whilst we care about issues that are effecting the planet, we should not let this stress and worry hold us back from the enjoyment that we can gain from viewing this marvelous world.
How this story was created
the idea of this story came from a time where, on holiday in venice, my boyfriend forgot a bag which had our passports in it. we raced through the city to regain it and the idea sort of just came to me.
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