The story of how I successfully didn’t make it
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Many times, life happens in a way that you did not want, ask for or expect. And sometimes, it can be the better way. We rarely get the chance to make our lives exactly like we want it, but it doesn't mean that it can't be good for us.
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Why this story is important
The story tells a story of a failure and how it turns it into a right choice. It may not be a guide of how-to-turn-a-bad-situation-around, but it serves to show that an open mind and an open heart can show the better way in life. We are not programmed to be and do certain things, and many times we can't chose them, but the way we respond, adapt and accept them is something within our power.
How this story was created
Looking back at my life, certain moments, episodes and things are the highlights of who I became today. When I searched for a story, I found a memory when the unexpected (or rather undesired) was a turning point in my life in the most welcoming way.
I started from a memory that defined me, that contributed to who I am, not only concerning how I manifest, but also in regard to what I learned.
I then searched for a solution to illustrate it while maintaining a simple, coherent aspect.
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