I met a poet in a poetry club. In the following months i met him several more times. These situation were very chaotic and at the same time very predictable and constant.

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A short fragment of the story

The poet - by Antonio Ferreira


Once i met a poet in a poetry club. He was fragile and unlike the other participants, he read and recited his own books.


In the following months, I found him at the street several times, a vey distict places and schedules. Despite that, something was constant: his fragile health , and the several books that he carried.

This were very odd ocasions, they cannot be coincidence.


The changes that were occuring though my life got confronted by this repetitive, bizarre and even frightning and nostalgic experience.


I did learned something with the poet despite not ever had talked directly to him.

The poet is poetry, is books, is a carrier of them, is bitterness, is fragility, but it is also independency, unique personality and consistency.


However, having found him several times, in purely random and yet seemingly regular occasions, was in fact disturbing.


He shows fragility, and fragility is frightening.

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Why this story is important
Or myself, what I take from this story, is that I validate in a lot of aspects, the virtues that poet carries deeply inside hm.

I am independent, suis generis, personified, and yet very resistant to change.

The poet in a certain way, is a mirror, that helped me to see this traps, in a way de consequences, that derive from being excessively constant.

I remember this story because it is actually an experience were i learned a lot myself.
How this story was created
I used some metaforical aspects on describing the poet.
I think I also used metaforical comparisson between what the poet was and what in reality he meant to me. I amplified his characteristics and I extrapolated these same characteristics, to achieve in my mind a better conclusion on what this base characteristics deeply mean.
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