Sharing a Moment with Playful Encounters
The Day was filled with encounters of women with different backgrounds, stories and personalities. We connected through our openness to share that with each other without fear because it felt like a safe space. We shared some small stories about our lives, wrote poems, did some theater exercises and danced.. Our oldest participant was over 60 years old and the youngest 13. Everyone took part within the scope of their possibilities and we had a great experience together.
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Here is an acrostic Poem from Hasina about herself:







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Varför den här historien är viktig
Everyone has their own voice and should get the space to tell their story, if they want to. That was especially important if no one listened to them before.
We learned that it is important to be open in the workshops, see what the participants are able to share and what skills they have to express themselves.
Hur den här historien skapades
We used different techniques of Autobiographical Methodologies for story telling, mostly creative writhing and community theater.
We always started with some exercise to know each other. Like naming a personal object and sharing their meaning or the story why it is so important to us.
We also wrote some acrostic Poems about ourselves, with our name and our characteristics or things we like. Always within our abilities, some also just painted a picture. We also shared some stories while speaking to each other (if possible in our native language).
Another Part of our workshops were theater exercises like mirroring each other's movements or holding imaginary objects and playing with them. We also danced together and shared our skills, from TikTok dances, traditional Afghan dances to ballet pirouettes.
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