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In StoryDec Game players are members of a city council. Each player will choose which themes to develop to increase the prestige of the city in the 5 areas available:

  • Freedom (Orange)
  • Culture (Yellow)
  • Environment (Green)
  • Justice (Blue)
  • Economy (Purple).

By choosing the investment cards that you intend to buy to advance the city’s prestige, players will be asked to invest time and money on specific issues: the effects of the cards will be visible on the City Dashboard.

Här kan du hitta spelreglerna och elementen

FilnamnUppladdningsdatumLadda ner
STORY DEC - Regolamento Swedish vers. 2.0.pdf29/12/2021 Ladda ner
full_storydec_game_swedish.zip29/12/2021 Ladda ner
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