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A Small Suburb
As I read this article, my mind is drawn back to a little suburb. It is waning. There is some hubbub around me. As I walk I see cheerful inns, they have wooden tables and warm LED lights. People are happy, sipping red wine and laughing thunderously. I detect the
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Me in nature
This story is written during a course concerning narrations to ‘Me in nature’. It is more an overview of what comes into my mind when I think of ‘Me in nature’ than a specific moment. I ended my story with a haiku.
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Me in nature
This story is about my memories related to nature
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I am still there
I remember sleeping under the trees in the front of our home
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My journey
everything was different than what I expect
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Me in the NATURE
A story in the winter side of the nature.
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Never gave up there is always away out
my life was up and down and during covid I felt my life just stop why
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Feeling home in the middle of Nowhere
This is a personal story of me and nature, shortly telling my experience and finished with a haiku. Hope you like it 🙂
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L’Europe du goût
This collage was created by Anaïs Fernandez in the framework of the Erasmus+ project "Memories Across Europe" - Workshop in Paris (October 2022). The theme is "My Europe", and the sub-theme is "My first experience of Europe".
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Hitchhiking into the south
Hitchhiking was widespread in the GDR in the 1980s. It was cheap and promised adventure. The story tells about an encounter while hitchhiking in Bulgaria.
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FLYING ACROSS HISTORY A story by Maria Fiera
The story of Maria Fiera, a romanian women who flew through history
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The professor
The story of Ion, a life between communism and post-communism
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