Slowness gives us the time to experience our emotions
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In recent days, i find myself thinking how much i miss travel, in particular I reflect about my last trip with
some friends in Basilicata (South Italian region) from Policoro to Maratea, in about 15 days. We began our
trip in four with tend and camping equipment. It was an amazing experience, but in the same time it faced
us in front of some difficulties. We decided to travel mainly by walk or with hitch-hiking and a few times by
bus, we took the time to decide how to deal with it day by day. The slowness, with which we faced the
journey, gave us the time to experience our emotions, each of us took with himself luggages full of
experience and excitement that often they crossed to each other; they created also sad and angry
moments. We learn how to live and welcome them together. We took the time to stop, sometimes, and
meet people we may never have meet, leaving us light and free to do everything we felt every day. We met
the welcome of many, and this made me think; sharing spaces and time of and with others, stop to listen
stories of unknown people, eccept generosity (some food, a place where camping etc…), this leaves me
with a dimension of humanity, that often i don’t find in the big cities, but that I look for every day. During
the quarantine I’ m having the occasion to discover the persons who I live with, and we are trying togheter
to live this kind of welcome towards the others. We create moments togheter of dream and we fantasize
about everything we will do, when we can go out again.


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