YoMem – Young Messengers of European Memory

Erasmus plus Project KA2 -Youth

“The project intends to affirm the role of young people in enhancing the European memory,  to rediscover the values of democracy, coexistence, social justice,

 as founding values of the European Union.”

The project
The project “Young Messengers of European Memory – YoMEM”, wants to affirm a vision of memory not as a mere nostalgic memory of a past, but as a tool aimed to enhance awareness of who we are, as individuals and as a community, in order to recover the sense of a better and possible future; YoMEM project wants, as well, support the important role that young people can play in this profound cultural action.

Our purpose is to create educational paths and tools for young Europeans, based on autobiografical methodologies and digitial storytelling, aimed to:
– increase awareness among young people of the values of democracy, coexistence, social justice, as founding values of the European Union;
– develop the sense of European citizenship;
– actively involve young people in the defense and promotion of European values through digital storytelling methodologies, and the creation of actions to disseminate stories that testify to these values, as “messengers of European memory”.

The project narrations themes will concern:
– Stories of belonging to Europe, personal experiences that have brought people closer to the idea and values of a united Europe.
– European macro and micro stories, personal experiences of historical facts relevant to European history.
– Learning from diversity, learning from the encounter with traditions and cultures that represent European multiplicity.
– Stories that tell of the conquest and defense of rights and democracy in Europe of yesterday and today.

Other project activities
Other project activities are:
YoMem Award – YoMEM Award consists of a “call for narration” in which we will invite young people up to 30 years old, from all over Europe, to send their stories on the narration themes described in IO1.

YoMEM Network– The network will include young people who have participated in the various activities of the project, and that will create a group of Young Messengers of European Memory.

• Associazione Storie Di Mondi Possibili (Coordinator) – Italy
• Asociatia Pro-Xpert – Romania
• M3 Mcube Association – France
• Real Time Video Ltd – United Kingdom
• Stowarzyszenie Trenerow Organizacji Pozarzadowych – Poland
• Mobilizing Expertise Ab – Sweden
• Federazione Italiana CEMEA – Italy

Povești care fac parte din acest proiect

Storia spezzata
YoMEM Workshop, with volunteers of the Civil Service of Federazione Italiana dei CEMEA
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I fiori, sono tesori nascosti
YoMEM Workshop, with volunteers of the Civil Service of Federazione Italiana dei CEMEA
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L’Europa che vorrei
YoMEM Workshop, with volunteers of the Civil Service of Federazione Italiana dei CEMEA
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The story of my last day in Paris
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Festival d’Europa Firenze
Tuesday 10/5/2022 we were at Festival d'Europa in FIrenze. We had a place with YoMEM project (of wich we are partner with Federazione Italiana dei CEMEA) interviewing the participants and doing with them an Haiku ispired by their answer. i In this video: Mauro's interview
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Life is movement
Tamar is a Georgian living in France. She is a smiling person with a passion for life and she has an amazing experience in her country and in Europe! You will surely regret if you don't read her story! So let's read it to learn more about her ! :)
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Una casa in miniatura, una piccola/grande comunità
come attraverso un oggetto ho maturato desideri importanti per la mia vita
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L’Europe et le voyage
L’Europe est pour moi un endroit de voyage et de partage.
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Life at the border
This is one of my favorite places in France.
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The real Europe
A long time ago, when I first visited Paris, I was thinking “This is a real Europe”.
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