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34 years later in Europe, how many more walls to come down?
On 9 November 1989, tens of thousands of East Berliners reached the crossing points of the Wall after hearing on the radio or television a press conference by a leading Communist Party official announcing new rules, effective immediately, for crossing into West Berlin. These words were enough for the East
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Ricordi, memorie e riflessioni che sono emerse mentre ero in un viaggio di lavoro a Patrasso, città natale di mio padre. Non avevo previsto di scrivere questa storia, ma quando mi sono trovato in viaggio sono stato sommerso da un mare di emozioni e ricordi, e scrivere era l'unico modo di
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My personal experience trough the pandemic
The story depicts life during the Pandemic of Covid 19. It focuses on the challenges and attitude through the experience of a teenager. How the lockdown can change someone's life and what type of obstacles someone might face when being isolated? What could be the benefits of being
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Face The Challenge: Active Youth
In this video a high school student, named Teodora, talks about the day when due to Covid 19 her school was canceled and the beginning ot the online schooling began. She explores the facts and the effects of the pandemic on her life as a young girl and an online
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Erinnerungen an die Schule / Memories of School
Eine kurze Geschichte über Freundschaft und Loyalität. Hasina erzählt eine Geschichte über eine Erfahrung aus ihrer Kindheit in Afghanistan mit ihrer Freundin Tamana. A short story about friendship and loyalty. Hasina tells a story about an experience from her childhood in Afghanistan with her friend Tamana.
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A Place of Multiculturality
This video is produced as a part of local activities developed in the project Young Messengers of European Memory, an Erasmus + strategic partnership (2020-2-IT03-KA205-019585) aiming to affirm the role of young people in enhancing the European memory, to rediscover the values of democracy, coexistence, social justice, as founding values
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Good Things are Around the Corner
A story about having faith in yourself and your future. To not lose hope that good things are always around the corner, no matter how stuck you might be feeling in the present moment.
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Europe – A Home Of Heavenly Wonders
For me, Europe is home to some of the oldest monuments of culture in the world, historic cities and world-famous museums. Europe through my eyes has great natural beauties, which for me are heavenly wonders. One of the most important things is the pursuit of unity, the preservation of the
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Trip to Vienna
I have selected a few photos from our trip to Vienna. The purpose of the trip was to feel the Christmas spirit of the Austrian capital.
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To Edrine And Back…
I love to travel, visit new places, explore different cultures. The journey charges me. At the beginning of 2022 , my family and I managed to visit a much awaited destination – the Turkish city of Edirne... In the summer we repeated the trip. What is the reason. . .
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Enjoy Europe
Europe is an accessible space. It is friendly and open to benevolent people. The geographical environment allows it to be easily explored - by plane, bike, car or on foot. Anything is possible. . .
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Europe For The Future
Стъпвайки на положените вече основи на обединена Европа, аз я виждам продължена от хора, които са единни: постигат заедно, знаещи, обучени от учители, получили модерно образование, можещи - реализирали се в желаните сфери и професии на бъдещето. Хора, които са толерантни към
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