Privacy Policy

Policy about sharing stories

The person who, as an individual or group, will share stories through the archive, underwrites the following declaration, declares that:

• He/She is the author of the work;
• He/She has obtained authorization to use any contributions from third parties (interviews, oral narratives, documentation in various forms such as text, video, audio, etc.) and has respected any particular requests by such parties as to their use (anonymity, confidentiality of some information, etc.)
• He/She has not used material covered by copyright without authorization, or that he/she is using publicly available material.
The author or authors (as individuals or group), in the act of submitting their work, accept that the work can be used under the Creative Commons Licence – Non-commercial Licence – Non Derived Works, as applied in the different countries where it is recognized (see site, which includes the licences for the different countries; if your country is not indicated, you have to refer to the British Licence).
Such licence includes the possibility of:

• Reproducing, distributing, communicating to the public, displaying in public, representing, carrying out and acting out the work.
The licence is applied under the following conditions:

• Attribution: anyone who utilizes the work must indicate its origin in the ways indicated by the author or the person who released the work under the licence.
• Non Commercial: the work cannot be used for commercial purposes.
• Non derived: the work cannot be altered or transformed nor can it be utilized to create another.
The users can share the stories under the same conditions.