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A time warp in the train from Hoek Van Holland to Hamburg
This is a story of experiencing Europe and the feeling of belonging through travelling.
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Seventy years in Europe seen from Denmark
The story tells the change in Europe since 1939 to nowadays. The storyteller is from Denmark.
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My trip to Holland
The protagonist tells about a trip to Holland.
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Stories of a Possible Europe
How did the European Union affect the story of Ukraine?
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learn in new ways, communicate with peers and people
When i was younger i used to keep to myself because of things that used to happen to me
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Beautiful Germany
The protagonist of the story tells about a trip from Bulgaria to Germany: travelling made her feel belonging to something.
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Blue sky to fly
Travelling around Europe on her own, Radostina Angelova finds her inner power of resilience.
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Money, money, money!
This is the story of Sofia, a Bulgarian woman, who left Germany to come back to her country.
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1950s-1960s : in a FIAT 600 through a changing Europe
Travelling by car around Europe after the II World War: how many things you discover about the world and yourself?
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La terra promessa. Viaggio nella lotta dei sem terra
Reportage fotografico sul Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) in Brasile.
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A mani libere
Questa raccolta di racconti, vignette, interviste è una delle semplici, ma eloquenti attività del museo della ndrangheta e per questo rappresenta con immediatezza l’essenza del Museo stesso. Questo volume ben rappresenta l’intento e la modalità delle attività del centro perché la rappresentazione creativa della realtà in cui i ragazzi vivono
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