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“Experiencing everything in our life is part of life”
It’s a simple phrase, on the surface, but it says something very precious. Everything we experience is part of life. People’s stories always seem to remind us of this. When you think about the amount of experiences, memories, choices that each person brings with them. Experiencing everything is part of
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My Europe – For a World, Thinking for a Future Generation
Europe is diversity, security, values. It is a space of sharing, tolerance and continuity. Europe is colorful, carrying a rich history, heritage and experience, traditions and sustainability. . . Europe belongs to the future generations!
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European Cuisine – Delicious and Healthy
Food is our celebration of life. It is a necessity for human existence, but also pleasures of different tastes, aromas and, of course, vision. . . How can someone express their European belongin through food? The story depicts the charishing of European food variety and a path to explore the
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Generation to generation
I became a father in Sweden, the system changed, and I began to adapt to the Swedish way of doing things, passing it on to the next generation.
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My FuturE: Circles, glass bottles and slippers
One of the changes I have made in my own life is switching to a glass water bottle for family trips. Instead of buying plastic bottles, we all drink from the same reusable glass bottle, with cups of course.
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Tati’s green peace
I take the bus every day, which runs on electricity, and I walk every day because I prefer to enjoy the countryside.
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My eco day
I start my day by taking the bus to go to work or at the weekend to travel to visit natural sites on foot or discover the region.
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My daily routine to save the environment
My name is Stelve I from France and I’m 25-year-old and I can say Sweden change my routine to save the Environment.
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In this video interview, I asked a few young people their thoughts on environmental issues. These were their answers.
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"Fear" is part of Memoria Nostra, a series of stories - from written to visual to poetry - created within the storytelling methodologies workshop held in Cecina during the International Anti-Racist Meeting, by ARCI Valdarno, Stories of Possible Worlds and Train of Memory, for the ACTMEM - Active Memories project.
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From the story of the Odyssey and the theme "Under the same sky" each participant brought a significant story, which then came to life through newspaper clippings, drawings and prints made by the authors of the stories themselves. The story takes on a symbolic meaning, as do the paper figures
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