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The two paths of migration
To find oneself or to lose oneself. To survive or to die. Be well or be lost again. What does it mean to migrate? Since ancient times, migration has been a natural instinct, a way of surviving and seeking a better life. For thousands of years, before becoming settled, human
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All stories donated to the Pieve Archive
Laura tells us about the incredible generosity of the gesture of donating one's story, to collective memory. Thanks to Laura for her participation, to the National Diary Archive Foundation and to the Piccolo Museo del Diario.
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Being in quarantine through the prism of benefits
The COVID-19 quarantine has been a challenge for all of us, but I think it's time to see what we've earned because of it, or in other words to see it through the prism of benefits.
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Dai nostri occhi
Ogni persona vede il mondo intorno a sé. Ne riconosce le geografie, sceglie i propri luoghi, li attraversa. E li racconta. "Dai nostri occhi" ripercorre digitalmente il percorso fotografico e di narrazione realizzato a Saviano - in provincia di Napoli - dall'utenza del centro UILDM, all'interno del progetto ARTIS - Arteterapia per
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Jean-Noel in SWEDEN and around Europe
Jean Noel wrote his story around Europe. Currently is living in Sweden, originally from France. He is passionate by the spanish culture and spanish life.
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A small bag
A small bag can contain a whole life, choices, experiences, memories. A small bag to go away and start from scratch, and both require courage. Hanifa, a young Afghan activist, tells us about arriving in Germany and the future she sees for herself and for young women in her country and around
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Simona’s story – Resilience experiences during Covid19
Distancing, lockdown, suspension of normalcy. The Covid19 pandemic has brought enormous changes across Europe and the world. What has happened in schools, universities, students and teachers? Simona, a young woman living in Bulgaria, recounts her experience with online classes.
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DREAMS COME TRUE!  a wonderful update on our story SEGUENDO IL SOGNO DI UNA NUOVA VITA
this is just an update on our story SEGUENDO IL SOGNO DI UNA NUOVA VITA, published in 2019 on Storyap, to share with you all the happy ending of part of our tale! Darianna, one of the students participating in this little project confirms that her dream has come
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Covid through the emotional hat
I participated in the workshop "Face The Challenge: Active Youth", facilitated by Nasko, Stanislava, and Dimitrinka and this is the result of the homework they assigned us at the end.
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My mother has had a dramatic life, apparently.
She was sick as a child and in hospital for a long time, my father worked as a wall on the building where she was lying. When my mother and father got married, the wedding party was held as a partisan action. My mother experienced violence in Piran,
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Little stories that make up history – Interview with Antonio
Since 1984, the National Diary Archive of Pieve Santo Santo Stefano has preserved Italy's diaries, memoirs and letters, and today it collects about 9,000 life stories. Every year the Pieve Saverio Tutino award comes to life, thanks to the work that throughout the year involves the diary reading commissions, that group
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Writing will save the world – Interview with Amalia
Amalia is a volunteer engaged in many of the activities and work behind the Pieve Saverio Tutino Prize. Passionate about life stories, intensely tied to a place like the National Diary Archive, she tells us about her experience.
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