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The fall of the Wall – Inspired by the story “Naked Madness”
November 9, 1989 is the date of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The story of what happened that night is extraordinary. For several weeks in East Germany there had been riots, and it seemed that the government had finally decided to allow visits to West Berlin and throughout Germany,
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Moja Europa  – Europa zwięrzat
Wywiad zrealizowany podczas warsztatów, które odbyły się w dniu 31.01.2023 w ZSOiT w Jeleniej Górze.
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I miei primi sei mesi in Italia (e in Europa)
Farah racconta la sua storia di migrazione, che dall'Iran l'ha portata all'Europa.
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My first time in Russia
My grandmother's first time in Russia. Her thoughts and impressions.
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My first experience in Europe
A story all about overcoming the language barrier and achieving your dreams within one trip to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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The Northern beauty of Finland
My dream since I was a student was to participate in an Erasmus+ project. That did not happen until I reach my 30s. It is slightly late but I do believe it was the right time for me. Me and a colleague of mine wrote our project “Teachers
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My discovery of Europe after 1989
The historical knowledge and common culture of our old Europe are indispensable for the understanding of each of its nations. Where does Europe end? Does it stop at the external borders imposed by Yalta in 1945? Does its geographical and cultural space extend from the Atlantic to the Urals, including
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Un attimo. Due mondi.
Nell'attimo di uno scatto, la potenza di due strade che si incontrano.
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Ai confini della storia
La storia di un dolore collettivo
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Una vita in un oggetto
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14-18 – The places of the Great War 100 years later
The Great War of 1914-18 involved the heart of Europe. We have returned to the border regions between Italy, Slovenia, Austria, revisiting and reporting the battle fields a hundred years later, and trying to understand what lessons the conflict has left to the people.
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My experience of Europe
activity of YoMEM project, made by Cooperativa Contatto CEMEA Veneto
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