My European City – Helsingborg
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I moved to Sweden from Sri Lanka in 2017, after getting married to a Swedish citizen. We live in Helsingborg, a beautiful coay city in the south of Sweden. I am in love with this city and it makes me feel home. It is a quite, peaceful and serene city. I created this story to show how much I love Helsingborg and how much I am connected to Helsingborg city.
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Why this story is important
This is a story about how my life changed after moving to a European city. I moved to Helsingborg, Sweden in 2017 from Sri Lanka, a beautiful country almost in the other part of the world. After moving to Helsingborg to live with my husband, I realised how much we can enjoy city life. I saw how people eat at outdoor restaurants, how they enjoy public spaces such as city squres, without being a trouble to others. I am in love with these European values of respecting eachother's personal space, freedom and the discipline people show in public places.
How this story was created
This story is a photo narration about Helsingborg, the city I live in Sweden.
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