My Europe: through the lens of dreams
Memories Across Europe
"My Europe: through the lens of dreams" tells the story of my perception of Europe as a fundament of self-expression.
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Why this story is important
This story is important because it presents my viewpoint on Europe as a canvas, all of us get to draw on and express ourselves.
How this story was created
The background of the design is a layering of different magazine covers as a reference to my love for fashion journalism and determinism as an artistic viewpoint. Some of them are from my grandmother’s youth, some from my mother’s, and some are the ones of magazines I’ve been published in.
The heading also represents magazine cutouts and the subheading pays homage to fashion photography “through the lens”.
The paper background behind my silhouette depicts the creative process of writing and my adoration for print. All of the drawings on it are key symbols for my identification.
The text in Cyrillic in the upper left corner says “text by Nasko Fotev” and is a cutout from my first print publication (Bulgarian ELLE, October issue 2022), which has a deep sentimental meaning for me because this was my first attempt to participate in the mass cultural and media dialogue and I haven't stopped ever since.
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