My consideration about future of Europe
I see the future of Europe more developed، the technology will be far more better and smart but i think the people will be depressed and unhappy.
A short fragment of the story

I see the future of europe more developed and better then today . the buildings will be bigger and smarter than today , the technology will be more advanced than today . i think the people will be more hardworking than todays like they would work day and night without taking care of them selves . in this case people will be more depressed and unhappy . 

as we can see nowadays , the young generations are leaving their families , friends and every things behind them selves , because of working and studying . i find that very bad.

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Why this story is important
This story is important because the relationship between family's and young generations are getting bigger which is not good.i hope they make sometimes for themselves and their family's.
How this story was created
We did it through collage
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