My border, your border
Memories Across Europe
This is my story of a short trip to Cyprus and how it changed my attitude towards myself
A short fragment of the story

Then she leaned over and whispered, ” And remember, Zeynep, the Cypriots may speak badly about the Turks”. How could she know, I wondered, what a strange idea. I thought, it was going to be cool, the Greek people I know are not enemies, and even if the politicians would wish differently, there are so many similarities. The music, the food, and the history, and finally this time Dani will be able to get to know something of the Turkish culture because we definitely wanted to visit the North as well…

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Why this story is important
This story is important to me because I understood what friends do for each other
How this story was created
This story is autobiographical and based of my interest on politics, identity and fear I decided to tell what happened to me.
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