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A difficult border crossing France - Germany
A short fragment of the story

Travelling has always been one of my favourite activities in life. One is in a state of flux, can experience wondrous things and at times one’s self mutates into the outlandish.

It became apparent early on that I encounted adventurous, unforeseen and sometimes bizarre things when I travelled, things that the squeamish would certainly have considered minor catastrophes, but I rather took it as an exciting challenge and adventure.

And so it actually happened to me that I was arrested twice in my young existence, the remonstrances reflecting the mood of the decade. And that’s what I want to tell about.

We were writing in the early 70s.

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Why this story is important
It tells how childish people can be ... an existential memory.
I learned to look better with whom I go.
How this story was created
During the Workshop of Elisabetta Abbondanza: Memories across Europe: Soul Memories.

Methodology: autobiographical writing with
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