Let’s go to Switzerland to buy some cars
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The story of a person and his friends going on a trip to Europe for a week and after that deciding to work that for the rest of their lives.
A short fragment of the story

. While they were driving through the towns and villages, they noticed a seemingly healthy piece of equipment thrown away. Since they did not understand what this equipment was doing on the street, they asked their acquaintances. It turned out that in Switzerland, once a month there is a day for throwing away old equipment. The Bulgarians asked if there was a problem to take them back, there was no problem. The next day they filled their cars with used equipment and other things and drove to Bulgaria.

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Why this story is important
This story is important because it shows the changes for 24 years in some countries. It shows the contrast berween Bulgaria and other countries
How this story was created
I heard Petar's story for his first trip and I decided to write it
It says about the borders they got thru.
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