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Untold Stories
An honest look at what it is really like for a young person starting their journey into employment.
Young people and work: different points of view

How difficult is it for a young person today to find work? It’s the scourge of the century and every day we hear news about precariousness, abuses and work difficulties. This story takes us into the England of a group of young people who have decided to tell their stories and talk about their approach to finding work.

This is a story that deals with different points of view and therefore gives an important cross-section of reality.

On the one hand, there are the difficulties: how to face the first work experiences (and earn them in a very cynical job market); being able to enhance one’s skills even in jobs that seem apparently distant from one’s education; gaining experience despite continuous rejections.

On the other hand, the teaching that you have to rely more and more on your individual resources and, above all, get to know yourself. “You learn about yourself” is one of the teachings that some mentors give to young people who decide to embark on a mentoring journey. Sometimes you discover unexpected qualities that can then also be brought back to the job market.

And telling all this through the viva voce of the boys and girls protagonists of this story adds even more value.