Learning by stories

The story…

I am my Europe
I am my Europe. I am a new agreement, signed by women and men. I am new way of thinking and get along with people. I have no colour, I have no religion. I have no nation MY nation is imagination I am an old person, living on his/ her memories. I am a young person looking for his/ her way. I am different people. I come from Itay, Germany, France, Polen, Iraq, Syria, Afganstan I dont know borders. I work for peace. I am peace. I reject war. That’s me
What is your Europe?

My Europe is a social utopia, imagined by people who had seen the horrors of the Second World War, and who imagined a different political form for countries that had been adversaries until then.

Europe is a unique social and political experiment in the world, certainly with many flaws, but for which it is worth fighting for.

I am sure that many, like me, want a Europe of social and civil rights.

A Europe in which there is the possibility for everyone to access education throughout their life. An education that does not teach us to become smarter and therefore more capable of overcoming others, but that makes us more capable of cooperating with others, and contributing to the common good. An education that makes us more human, and therefore happier.

A Europe of Social Inclusion, which leaves no one behind. Because taking care of the last ones means taking care of everyone, even oneself.

A Europe of Social Justice. Because if there is no freedom of thought, expression, religion, movement, there is no Europe.

A Europe of Sustainability, which incorporates respect and love for nature of which we are part, the search for production systems that do not only think about profit, but also about protecting the environment, workers and communities.

A Europe of equal opportunities, for women and men, regardless of sexual orientation.

This is the Europe that many of us intend to fight for.