Learning by stories

The story…

Free without fear
Arianna tells the story of her encounter with the gender school against violence against women in Santa Fe, Argentina, where she lived six months of her life. Here he got to know other women, weave bonds and experience the power of sisterhood. The experience changed her and, in addition to making her aware of a reality she did not know about, it helped her to overcome her fears.
So that freedom does not remain just a desire

What has just passed is the week dedicated to actions and campaigns against gender-based violence by men. Just last Saturday, here in the city where I live (Rome), there was a large demonstration in Piazza del Popolo that reiterated the need of women to fight this system. A struggle that aims at one goal: freedom. For all.

For this reason, the story of Arianna (“Free without fear”), who tells of her experience in a gender school in Argentina, made me reflect, confirming in me the idea that in order to change this state of affairs we can only starting from ourselves as women and other oppressed subjectivites.

Therefore, to free ourselves from stereotypes, prejudices, social expectations. However, it is fundamental to start from us in order to change the world, because gender-based violence is not just an individual problem, but a social one. And it is structural and systematic: the world we live in is based on this violence and oppression, it is a world made for men, in which women either have to adapt or succumb. And we – women, sisters, companions – do not want either option. We want to dream of freedom, social justice, egalitarian practices. All ideas that have to do with women’s liberation and feminism: because only we can think in a new perspective, starting from our oppression, demystifying it and creating new thoughts for this world, for us and for the others who inhabit it. .

I wish there was a gender school like Santa Fe in every neighborhood of my city, in every corner of the world. This is what Arianna’s story makes me want. Commit myself personally, with other women, in a constant and active way. In order to contaminate every space and not leave it to those who continue to create violence and oppression.