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Covid 19 e la Pasqua solidale
Quando dopo tanto dolore riesci ancora a stare in piedi, quando nonostante tutto non molli mai, ecco quella è la tua Pasqua. Buona Pasqua a tutti voi dal Comune di Sciacca e da tutti i volontari della protezione civile in prima linea.
March, 18 Italy: National Day in memory of the victims of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Yesterday, March 17, the italian Senate’s Constitutional Affairs Commission unanimously approved the bill establishing, on March 18, the National Day in memory of the victims of the Coronavirus epidemic. In fact, it was March 18, 2020 when the army trucks left Bergamo, taking away the victims of the pandemic. Today the Prime Minister Mario Draghi recalled the more than 103,000 Italian victims in Bergamo, inaugurating the Bosco della Memoria:

https://www.governo.it/it/ article/draghi-bergamo-la-giornata-nazionale-memoria-delle-vittime-dellepidemia-da-coronavirus

We too want to contribute to memory through our “Quarantine stories” initiative, aimed at collecting experiences of solidarity, of creative and constructive reaction carried out by associations and individuals in the face of the pandemic crisis; a pulsating network of small and large initiatives that are helping the most vulnerable, guaranteeing educational and support actions, and – at the same time – are helping everyone to pass this difficult phase.

We believe that storytelling and sharing can, in this period of crisis, help us not to forget, and to create actions to strengthen the social network.

Here you can read the “Quarantine stories”, and participate to the international call.