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La Calzolaia
A cosa serve oggi il lavoro del calzolaio? Una storia ecologica
If being a shoemaker means much more than repairing shoes

At first glance, Vittoria’s story might seem like a simple description of a job: a shoemaker. Images of nails, soldering, shoes and paint flash across the screen. Through the video we enter a bit into the backstage of a shoe store and even smell a bit of it.

But Vittoria’s lively voice gives this story a couple more reflections, very much linked to the times in which we live.

On the one hand, there is the recovery of knowledge: all those practical, manual skills that are slowly being lost, but which allow human beings to be autonomous in their daily lives. Even my grandfather, having been a shoemaker for a short time, knew how to repair shoes. And how many other forms of knowledge, which were previously in our hands, have we lost, impoverishing ourselves?

The second reflection that comes to mind, linked to the first, is that of consumerism: they have meant that we no longer need this knowledge because we are used to consuming, taking and throwing away. And so buying a new shoe costs less than repairing it. Even if it does more harm to our planet.

Choices like Vittoria’s push us to question ourselves on what we choose every day in our lives: are we simple consumers or active people towards the world?