Memories Across Europe


Memory is a great opportunity for historical knowledge, participation in civil life and social commitment. The project Memories Across Europe has the aim to realize educational activities for adults and elderly people using the autobiographical and storytelling methodology, with a focus on some key aspects such as:

  • to contribute to a common and positive construction of the European identity;
  • stimulating intergenerational dialogue and solidarity;
  • to promote the mobility of adults and elderly people across Europe.

The idea behind Memories Across Europe is that there is a very close link between storytelling practices and active citizenship. In fact, storytelling is a powerful and effective way to enhance what we call “the invisible heritage of human experience”, as it allows us to bring out and share learning and values that are preserved in our experiences.

Secondly, thanks to life stories, we can learn about social and historical phenomena, through the direct voice of the protagonists of these events.

Stories can ultimately connect people of different ages, backgrounds and cultures.


Storie di Mondi Possibili (applicant) – Italy

ADN – Archivio Diaristico Nazionale – Italy

Sozial Label – Germany

European Information Centre – Bulgaria

E-Seniors –  France

Mobilizing Expertise AB – Sweden

Stowarzyszenie Trenerow Organizacji Pozarzadowych – Poland

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which could be made of the information contained therein.

Storie che fanno parte di questo progetto

What am I in the nature?
Nature continues to show us its amazing power.
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Europe – A Home Of Heavenly Wonders
For me, Europe is home to some of the oldest monuments of culture in the world, historic cities and world-famous museums. Europe through my eyes has great natural beauties, which for me are heavenly wonders. One of the most important things is the pursuit of unity, the preservation of the
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Trip to Vienna
I have selected a few photos from our trip to Vienna. The purpose of the trip was to feel the Christmas spirit of the Austrian capital.
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To Edrine And Back…
I love to travel, visit new places, explore different cultures. The journey charges me. At the beginning of 2022 , my family and I managed to visit a much awaited destination – the Turkish city of Edirne... In the summer we repeated the trip. What is the reason. . .
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Enjoy Europe
Europe is an accessible space. It is friendly and open to benevolent people. The geographical environment allows it to be easily explored - by plane, bike, car or on foot. Anything is possible. . .
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Europe For The Future
Стъпвайки на положените вече основи на обединена Европа, аз я виждам продължена от хора, които са единни: постигат заедно, знаещи, обучени от учители, получили модерно образование, можещи - реализирали се в желаните сфери и професии на бъдещето. Хора, които са толерантни към
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The Great Journey
In the collage, I look at Europe in the form of one big trip. Historically, from antiquity, through modern times, to the future. Clash and at the same time compatibility of different cultures, civilizations, religions. . .
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My Europe – For a World, Thinking for a Future Generation
Europe is diversity, security, values. It is a space of sharing, tolerance and continuity. Europe is colorful, carrying a rich history, heritage and experience, traditions and sustainability. . . Europe belongs to the future generations!
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European Cuisine – Delicious and Healthy
Food is our celebration of life. It is a necessity for human existence, but also pleasures of different tastes, aromas and, of course, vision. . . How can someone express their European belongin through food? The story depicts the charishing of European food variety and a path to explore the
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La ligne de notre vie
This video was produced in the framework of the workshop "History Timeline", which took place on 1 December 2022 in the premises of E-Seniors. The participants Véronique, Fadelle and Catherine presented the milestones in their personal lives, in terms of the history of Europe, and their experiences of the major social
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