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34 years later in Europe, how many more walls to come down?
On 9 November 1989, tens of thousands of East Berliners reached the crossing points of the Wall after hearing on the radio or television a press conference by a leading Communist Party official announcing new rules, effective immediately, for crossing into West Berlin. These words were enough for the East
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From the story of the Odyssey and the theme "Under the same sky" each participant brought a significant story, which then came to life through newspaper clippings, drawings and prints made by the authors of the stories themselves. The story takes on a symbolic meaning, as do the paper figures
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The escape to the city park – me in nature
Story about an escape from the city busyness. "Observing this photo, I see a bunch of people, who are listening to me. I am just contemplating about why we are here – in the city park zone, in the nature. I feel wind lightly flowing around us, I can feel the sun being
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Sharing a Moment with Playful Encounters
The Day was filled with encounters of women with different backgrounds, stories and personalities. We connected through our openness to share that with each other without fear because it felt like a safe space. We shared some small stories about our lives, wrote poems, did some theater exercises and danced..
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“Me in nature” : Abruzzo – tra storia e natura
La mia storia vuole far conosce luoghi che stavano per essere dimenticati e raccontare il lavoro di alcuni ragazzi che operano in questi luoghi.
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Environmental awareness in Polish schools: the Ikigai of Piotr
After traveling the world, Piotr decided to come back to his home country to share his experiences with schools' students, talking about all the ecological problems he encountered along the way that are slowly killing our planet!
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Le festival du Journal Intime à Pieve Santo Stefano
Cette vidéo a été réalisée dans le cadre d'une interview faite lors du Festival du Journal Intime, organisé par le Piccolo Museo del Diario à Pieve Santo Stefano, en septembre 2022. Elle présente un exemple de coopération internationale, dans le cadre de la mémoire autobiographique et de sa transmission.
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Snupek is the dog of Piotr and Izabella, two normal persons that traveled around Central and South America. After seeing with their own eyes the main ecological issues caused by human civilization, this inspired them to be climate and environmental activists. Once they come back in Poland they became educators, explaining
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Art as a tool
“I was like: What can I do? I can do art! Art can be a tool, my tool, art can make an impact, can make a social change. I use art as an activist tool!”
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In this story I talk about my experience during the latest climate strike in the city I live in.
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Life of Tatiana
It's about me and my relationship with the environment
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It’s been a hell of a ride
Photo-narration of to Domika Lasota, polish climate activist co-founder of the Wschód Initiative. She shares her journey and unwavering commitment to the youth movement for the protection of our environment.
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