Khalida Popal is the former captain of the Afghan women football team. She fleed from Afghanistan many years ago, due to death threats. Today she is involved in projects for Afghanistan and women, thanks to her organization Girl Power. Andrea Ciantar (Storie di Mondi Possibili) and Simone Di Stefano (US ACLI) interviewed her during the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan.
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Why this story is important
Khalida Popal opened up to the interviewer just to tell her story, which is really powerful: thanks to her voice, we learn many things about a part of the world we don't really know; we almost understand the pain and the difficulties the Afghan people and Afghan women felt and feel; we also learn that we can be the voice for our people, in our community. How Khalid suggested, we should ask ourselves: "What can we do in our community, how can we improve it?"
How this story was created
The story was created after and interview to Khalida made by Storie di Mondi Possibili and US ACLI association. Later, it was assembled.


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