YoMem – Young Messengers of European Memory

Erasmus plus Project KA2 -Youth

“The project intends to affirm the role of young people in enhancing the European memory,  to rediscover the values of democracy, coexistence, social justice,

 as founding values of the European Union.”

The project
The project “Young Messengers of European Memory – YoMEM”, wants to affirm a vision of memory not as a mere nostalgic memory of a past, but as a tool aimed to enhance awareness of who we are, as individuals and as a community, in order to recover the sense of a better and possible future; YoMEM project wants, as well, support the important role that young people can play in this profound cultural action.

Our purpose is to create educational paths and tools for young Europeans, based on autobiografical methodologies and digitial storytelling, aimed to:
– increase awareness among young people of the values of democracy, coexistence, social justice, as founding values of the European Union;
– develop the sense of European citizenship;
– actively involve young people in the defense and promotion of European values through digital storytelling methodologies, and the creation of actions to disseminate stories that testify to these values, as “messengers of European memory”.

The project narrations themes will concern:
– Stories of belonging to Europe, personal experiences that have brought people closer to the idea and values of a united Europe.
– European macro and micro stories, personal experiences of historical facts relevant to European history.
– Learning from diversity, learning from the encounter with traditions and cultures that represent European multiplicity.
– Stories that tell of the conquest and defense of rights and democracy in Europe of yesterday and today.

Other project activities
Other project activities are:
YoMem Award – YoMEM Award consists of a “call for narration” in which we will invite young people up to 30 years old, from all over Europe, to send their stories on the narration themes described in IO1.

YoMEM Network– The network will include young people who have participated in the various activities of the project, and that will create a group of Young Messengers of European Memory.

• Associazione Storie Di Mondi Possibili (Coordinator) – Italy
• Asociatia Pro-Xpert – Romania
• M3 Mcube Association – France
• Real Time Video Ltd – United Kingdom
• Stowarzyszenie Trenerow Organizacji Pozarzadowych – Poland
• Mobilizing Expertise Ab – Sweden
• Federazione Italiana CEMEA – Italy

Stories that are part of this project

Nuovi e vecchi abitanti di Monterotondo
Giada Felici racconta la sua vita a Monterotondo, ricordando la sua infanzia , condividendo con noi i ricordi più interessanti della Monterotondo storica e delle trasformazioni che ha subito fino ad oggi.
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The fire of solidarity
An interview developed during the first LTT of YoMEM project, about my favourite European Value: solidarity
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Clean hearts for a cleaner environment
About a teenager girl who discovered the importance of being involved in environmental actions
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The Airoport queue
Clarisse was born in France, her mother from Madagascar and her father from France. she went for the first time to Madagascar when she was 15, and it was a real shock for her who lived in a rich country. In Madagascar food, water and streets are privileges. while coming
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This story is about my parents who fled from a country at war to find peace and stability in Europe.
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Welcome Euro
1 gennaio 2002: arriva l'Euro in Italia. ci avviciniamo all'Europa Unita. Il piacere di viaggiare all'estero senza la preoccupazione di cambiare la valuta e farci sentire a disagio con spese e valori che non riconosciamo subito. ricorderò sempre il primo viaggio fatto con il vantaggio di non dover cambiare i soldi
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Libertatea individului
Pentru prima data cand treceam granitele tarii in care m-am nascut. Am mers in Italia sa ma intalnesc cu o persoana apropiata mie. Ne-am intalnit in Milano. Impreuna am ajuns in Piata Domului din Milano unde eu am simtit ca este un loc in care ma simt ca acasa,
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My Utopia for Europe
My Utopia for Europe
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Moomin through Europe
Moomins and what they symbolise for me
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European values were developed by people who lived in the European area and communicated with each other based on the same moral values, namely: respect for people and living beings, respect for nature and care for what is happening around us.
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