StoryDeC – Storytelling to Develop Civic Competences in Young People

StoryDeC objectives
The StoryDeC project aims to create educational activities and tools, to develop social and civic competences of young people. These activities and tools will be based on autobiographical methodologies, participatory video and digital storytelling.
The choice of these methodologies is linked to different factors:
– the storytelling methodologies are a powerful educational tool to activate learnings, reflections, empathy, and enhance social and civic competences;
– storytelling through digital media is an educational approach that combines ICT and creativity, to actively involve young people.
Through these methodologies, and the educational tools and paths created by StoryDeC project, young people can:
– explore, in a personal way, the issues of participation and social change;
– develop, through the voice of other people, the knowledge of important aspects of the society and of the recent history at national, European and international level, to develop critical knowledge, and encourage active participation in the community;
– develop a series of key competences, such as the ability to create texts and narratives, the ability to use ICT tools;
– enhance civic and social skills.

Project Outputs
The project intends to create innovative activities and tool in the field of civic and social education, and particularly:
O2 – StoryDeC Educational paths: The definition of some non-formal education paths through autobiographical writing and Digital Storytelling, for the development of civic and social skills of young people and the development of young active participation.
O3 – StoryDeC Game: A game, in digital and board version, for the development of civic and social skills in young people, through the stories of social change.
O4 – StoryDeC Training Module: A training module for trainers, focused on the educational activities and tools created by StoryDeC project.
O5 – StoryDeC Digital Archive: Creation of digital archive of stories of social committment and participation, created by young participants and by people of all ages.

• Italian Federation of Cemea – Italy (Coordinator) –
• Stop – Stowarzyszenie Trenerow Organizacji Pozarzadowych – Poland –
• ProXpert – Romania –
• ProIfall – Sweden –
• Real Time – Uk – United Kingdom –
• Cemea Centre – France-
• Storie Di Mondi Possibili – Italy –

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STORIES that are part of this project

Quarantine Stories keeps going on
Quarantine Stories is a call for narration to tell how we experienced the coronavirus crisis and the solidarity initiatives that people have organized in order to help each other.
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Od psychozy do działania
Kasia ma dwadzieścia parę lat, kiedy w jej życiu pojawia się schizofrenia. Jak poradzi sobie z tą diagnozą? Co zrobi, gdy na drodze chorowania zostanie sama? Ta historia to opis doświadczeń młodej kobiety, która odkryła w sobie moc pomagania innym i działań społecznych właśnie wtedy, kiedy znalazła się na mrocznym
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Il colore delle more
"Rosso come il colore del sangue, rosso come il colore dell’amore, rosso come il colore delle more." Una passeggiata nella natura diventa l'occasione per abbandonarsi ai ricordi. Ricordi dell'infanzia, ricordi della guerra.
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Water is my happy grace
Kate tells her experience in working in the education field with disadvantadged children and adults. More specifically, she works on trainings in the water.
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Quella luce negli occhi brillava ancora
Francesca tells her story and her job: working with disadvantadged children. She explains the efforts she put in her work, her ability to get in touch with them and to receive gifts from them.
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Beautiful meeting on the road
Lucas tells about his travel in Europe, without money or any direction. During this travel, he met new people, shared emotions and particularly he got along with two elderly people from Germany who hosted him in their house.
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Elephant Sanctuaries in South East Asia
This story is a biography of a student from the University of Reading who travelled to South East Asia on a volunteering programme, teaching children in schools and rebuilding and improving the living environments of elephants.
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A short story of migration written by students of Italian as a second language, to express our shared feelings, values, expectations and experiences as migrants. This simple text has been created using a collective writing technique in remote meeting modality, during the COVID19 quarentine. Our story is the outcome
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The One Reading Community Hub
The One Reading Community Hub is a project that has been set up in Reading, UK to deliver food parcels to vulnerable local residents who are unable to go to the shops to get what they need during the Coronavirus pandemic. This video explains how the hub operates.
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One life
Sometimes it is important to realize that we have just one life to distinguish the important things of life.
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