10 things I learned…

A shared autobiographical writing project
By Andrea Ciantar and Claudio Tosi

10 things I learned …

Each of us holds a wealth of experiences, knowledge and knowledge that come from life experiences.

These are experiences related to the different areas that we find in every human existence: relationships, love, work, the body, encounters, travels, comparison with other cultures, other worlds, etc. … Pleasant or unpleasant, positive or negative, intentional or accidental experiences.

Unique and at the same time universal experiences. Unique because in every life they manifest themselves in original and surprising ways, universal because in them we find the common traits of humanity that we share.

Almost always this patrimony of experiences remains obscure to ourselves and to others, like a hidden treasure at the bottom of the sea; or sometimes we have a certain vague idea of it, but we feel that there is something, in those experiences, that would be worth exploring and telling.

Autobiographical writing helps us to bring out this heritage, to make it clear first of all to ourselves, or to share it with others. And these are in fact the reasons that push us to carry on this project: the pleasure of writing and telling about ourselves, and in doing so rediscover the heritage preserved in our experience; the pleasure of inviting others and others to share their stories, because we are curious to know them, because we have grasped – in the lives of others – something precious; the pleasure, all together, of contributing to a shared knowledge.

So here is the project “10 things I learned …”. We invite you to find 10 important memories from your life, which correspond to 10 important things that you seem to have learned; important to yourself-i, and potentially to others as well.


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