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Hitchhiking was widespread in the GDR in the 1980s. It was cheap and promised adventure. The story tells about an encounter while hitchhiking in Bulgaria.
A short fragment of the story

My most exciting journey during this time took me to Bulgaria - to the end of the world, the socialist one. My girlfriend Vera and I started the journey at the gas station in Berlin Schöneweide, the next accessible motorway exit. Each of us had a small backpack and in our hands we held a bigger cardboard sign that said "Bulgaria". Hitchhiking, the cheapest means of transport and absolutely normal in the 1980s.

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Why this story is important
It was an impressive experience for me, what a hard life minorities have, who are hated and excluded by everyone and don't get a chance.
How this story was created
In the last two years I started writing stories and I enjoy writing about the time of my youth that is now history. The Europa project inspired me to remember with a new perspective.
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