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The story regards the event “Globall Football Tournament: We all live and play in the same world!” held on the 17th of October in Ljubljana. The event consisted of a football tournament between ten different teams, followed by a dinner and party together. The event was organised by EVS in collaboration with Slovenska Filantropija (in its Centre for Psycho-social Assistance to Refugees).
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Why this story is important
The importance of this story is given by the many different voices that intersect in the story and which also resemble each other. During the event, in fact, people from different cultures, situations and lifestyles were present but they shared the fact of living in Ljubljana. Another goal of the event was to appreciate mutual differences and listen to opinions regarding the problems that refugees encounter while waiting for the outcome of their requests, as in the case of a number of people who at that time were seeking asylum in Slovenia. And this emerges from this little video story.
How this story was created
This video is the result of different initiatives and was produced by both EVS volunteers and asylum-seekers living in Slovenia. The protagonists of this story are the people who enjoyed a day together on the 17th of October 2009.
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