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Sometimes we are looking for famous persons to inspire us, but in the same time there are millions of regular persons that are struggling with challenges such as poverty or domestic violence. The story is about the strength of a woman from a rural area that continue to show determination in her small community.
A short fragment of the story

Born in a mountain village, in a family with four girls, violence, alcohol and poverty were present, and the future did not seem too bright for any of the girls. For a drunken and violent husband, there is no need for a specific reason to start a scandal in which the mother is targeted, and the girls are also victims just because they are trying to defend their mother.

After a lot of suffering, the mother decides to leave home for fear of misfortune and to ensure a better future for the four girls. So, in one day when the husband is gone into the village to work, she takes the girls and goes to town to get rid of the situation at home.Even in the city, life was not very simple but one thing was for sure, they had food provided and no scandals. Our story has as main character one of the daughter, the only girl who finished high school, which allowed her to have a stable job in the future.

The years have passed and she has reached the age when love appears and the idea of ​​a marriage is the dream of any girl to make a family of her own.

The husband, who was a handsome and intelligent man, comes from a large, low-income family. However, the desire to start a family makes Elena return in the countryside and get married there. She passed the Final exam pregnant with her first son and after the exam they made the wedding.

The signs that her husband was an alcoholic and violent appeared on the wedding day, after he got very drunk.

After the birth of her first child, Elena was hired by the only factory in the area based on her high school profile. Both of them worked at the same factory, and the acts of violence were known to all colleagues, but that did not stop him from changing his behavior

Life followed its normal course in which violence and drinking were accepted either out of fear of starting a new life or because she loved him and hoped that one day he would give up drinking and become a normal family. Often, the children were witnesses of domestic violence and even blame her mother for not leaving him. For 25 years she lived with her husband, and her only happiness was her children, they saw the endure the situation and chose education for a better future.

After 25 years of marriage, her husband died of cancer and her life changed totally. Suddenly, she was free but at the same time she did not know how to behave because all her life she was in the shadow of her husband without having any point of view. It took her two years to resign herself to the thought that she was alone and that she can take her own decisions regarding her life. After these two years, she became a woman with different perspectives and started to build a new life.

She renovated and extended the house, she started to travel and to be more close to her children by offering them moral support in their life decisions. Even it passed eleven years since her husband died, she doesn't want to have an official relationship, now she is her "own captain of the boat". She has not given up work even though she has retired, the new job is an good opportunity to keep the contact with people and to sale her home-made products such as cheese, vegetables and meat. Her reward as a mother is that all the children have families based on love and no violence and soon she will become a grandmother.

Because she knows how difficult it is to deal with poverty, from 2019 she is part of a recycling campaign initiated by a local NGO, all the money gained from the plastic bottles are distributed to social cases from Valcea county. It was nice surprise to see how she convinced all the people in the village to bring the plastic bottles in her yard and now it became one of the collecting point included in the campaign. One of the methods it was to go to each house and take the bags full with plastic and now all the village contribute to this campaign.

Now, she is known in the community as a strong and ambitious woman, by selling seedlings and vegetables from the greenhouses that were built few years ago.

Even if she did not do extraordinary things for society, she is a heroine, because all her life she had to face poverty, violence alcoholism. This is another example of woman's power who turned her life from a victim into an independent person, able to start life from zero after many years of suffering.

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Why this story is important
This story is important to see the reality of rural families and how one chance can gives you the opportunity to became the person that you never thought you could be.
How this story was created
The story is the real life a woman from a rural area and I wanted to highlight the power of change from a victim to an strong woman.
The story is based on confessions of life events
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