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Arianna tells the story of her encounter with the gender school against violence against women in Santa Fe, Argentina, where she lived six months of her life. Here he got to know other women, weave bonds and experience the power of sisterhood. The experience changed her and, in addition to making her aware of a reality she did not know about, it helped her to overcome her fears.
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Santa Fe
Why this story is important
This story is important because it allowed Arianna to become aware of a new reality that contrasts the phenomenon of male violence against women (physical and psychological) and that she does it collectively between women. Arianna has overcome many of her fears thanks to this experience and discovered the strength of sisterhood.
How this story was created
The idea of ​​the story was born thanks to a workshop on digital autobiographical narrative techniques within the Erasmus + AMICI project, in which Arianna participated. The request was to tell a story of personal change but also had a social impact and so Arianna decided to talk about her six months in Argentina with the gender school. He created this video with the methodologies of Digital Story Telling, first creating a writing of the story and then accompanying it with images and music.


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