The Edustories project aims to share the stories of those who work in social work, such as educator, teacher, youth worker, etc. The project stems from the collaboration between Eduraduno, the Itinere cooperative, and the StoryAP archive.

The first topic on which we invited to tell is that of social work at the time of the coronavirus.

MEMORIES of the present. PRESENT of memories

around the coronavirus

Eduraduno in collaboration with the European archive StoryAP- Stories for Active Participation and the Itinere Cooperative, launches an invitation to those who work in the world of professional education to share their experiences of social work.

We invite you to tell Memories of the present to feed the PRESENT with memories, because we believe that sharing experiences of work and social action, and creating knowledge and practices together from these experiences, can contribute to the realization of a more supportive, truly inclusive world .

Educators and educators during the quarantine period have tried to keep the foundations of their work – involvement, participation, closeness, creativity – while redesigning the profiles of their profession and inventing new forms of support and mediation that could become solutions to build a tomorrow in which this precious work can finally find the right recognition.

For this reason, we invite you to send us a story inspired by this period – new experiences of solidarity, of social and educational work during and beyond the quarantine, of communities that respond to the emergency. It can be a lived experience, or a first-person experience or an experience realized by others that struck you and that you think is important to share and to remember.

The stories will be published on the website and on social media, as well as becoming part of a book and a collective video by StoryAp, to build a wealth of concrete experiences available to those who want to promote change actions by referring to the present that already exists, but is still not very visible.

How to tell

With MEMORIES of the present. PRESENT of memories Eduraduno and StoryAp want to bring out the resources, the great creativity, intelligence and heart that people, associations, teachers, educators / social workers are working on.

These are the questions to keep in mind:

  • Why is this experience important for you and others? what teachings and messages does it contain?
  • once the emergency is over, what should be maintained of this experience? how to treasure it beyond the lockdown?

To participate fill in the form downloadable here, follow the instructions and send everything by 30 June to

Histoires qui font partie de ce projet

Quella luce negli occhi brillava ancora
Francesca tells her story and her job: working with disadvantadged children. She explains the efforts she put in her work, her ability to get in touch with them and to receive gifts from them.
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Sfide da scout: restare comunità rimanendo isolati
Durante la quarantena i ragazzi e gli educatori di Castel del Piano (Pg) non si fermano, e continuano a creare attività "a distanza" coinvolgendo il gruppo. Una sfida tutta da scout: restare comunità rimanendo isolati. Nasce “PG10 RADIO SCOUT”.
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Oltre lo smart working…  La biblioteca viene da te
La quarantena è stata anche l’occasione per scoprire il valore delle reti sociali attive nei piccoli borghi e il valore aggiunto delle piccole comunità locali dove è più facile raggiungersi, ritrovarsi e condividere …. anche l’emergenza coronavirus. “La biblioteca viene da te: servizio
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Rosa rossa per un principe
La forza e la spinta mi è stata data dalle belle rose rosse, ma anche dalle spine delle stesse rose...
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Pensieri resilienti di una boomer
Una breve riflessione su come la vita di ciascuno di noi possa improvvisamente venire sconvolta da qualcosa di inevitabile, sottolineando il passaggio da un periodo di grande benessere ad uno stravolto da una pandemia improvvisa. Il desiderio di non sprecare il tempo del lockdown, ma di approfittarne per nutrire la
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Ricerca di senso e senso della ricerca per un’educatrice nido
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Prendere il volo
C’era una mamma, c’era un figlio, c’era un nuovo virus ...
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Dopo il decreto Salvini, il nostro modo di lavorare e di affrontare le cose, sono cambiati. Si avvertiva un senso di rassegnazione e di sconfitta in ognuno di noi. Anni di progetti e i tanti volti conosciuti, iniziavano a diventare un ricordo....
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Why I chose to became a teacher
My story begins with the desire to change the entire Romanian society, and this change can only be done through education. A story that inspired and motivated me in becoming a teacher, which is, in fact, a vocation, was “Domnu Trandafir” by Mihail Sadoveanu. As Hubert states: "In order to
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