New narrations for the future of Europe 
Erasmus Plus Program, Youth – Cooperation Partnerships



Start date:  28-02-2022    
End date:  27.02.2024


  • to involve young people in social actions aimed to support sustainable development and social change, through the power of life stories and creativity;
  • support young people to became more resilient, thanks to creativity and participation in the social fabric.


– co-creation of digital narratives, in presence and at a distance, through creative methodologies, involving young people of different EU Countries;

– video interviews, participatory video, storytelling.

Target group

  • youth workers;
  • young people in general; young people under risk of social exlusion.


R1 – Tool kit for youth workers, concerning educational activities aimed to use storytelling to involve young people in social action.

R2 – Video tutorial for young people concerning storytelling methods aimed to support sustainable development.

R3 – Motivational Videos, created with  young influencer, aimed to involve young people in social action for the sustainable development of Europe and the world.

R4 – App aimed to create narrations to support sustainable development in Europe and in the world.

R5 – A digital platform to involve young people in social actions aimed to support Sustainable development and social change, through the power of life stories and creativity.


Faal DerneğiTurkey
KulturLife gGmbHGermany
Mobilizing  ExpertiseSvezia
Storie di Mondi PossibiliItalia


The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Histoires qui font partie de ce projet

“Me in nature” : Abruzzo – tra storia e natura
La mia storia vuole far conosce luoghi che stavano per essere dimenticati e raccontare il lavoro di alcuni ragazzi che operano in questi luoghi.
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It’s been a hell of a ride
Photo-narration of to Domika Lasota, polish climate activist co-founder of the Wschód Initiative. She shares her journey and unwavering commitment to the youth movement for the protection of our environment.
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Overcoming Summit in Mongolia: Reflections in Nature
How under-preparing for a hiking trip taught me about human capabilities, resilience and coexistence with nature.
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The beginning of my fight
The story of how I began my fight for environmental protection, inspired by a photograph.
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IS BLACK PETE RACIST – A Harmful Stereotype or Harmless Tradition?
In this thought-provoking and insightful documentary, we delve into the highly controversial topic of Black Pete and its impact on Dutch culture. For years, the tradition of Black Pete has been a source of intense debate, with many arguing that it is a deeply racist caricature of black people, while
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Me in nature
This story is written during a course concerning narrations to ‘Me in nature’. It is more an overview of what comes into my mind when I think of ‘Me in nature’ than a specific moment. I ended my story with a haiku.
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Me in nature
This story is about my memories related to nature
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I am still there
I remember sleeping under the trees in the front of our home
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Me in the NATURE
A story in the winter side of the nature.
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Feeling home in the middle of Nowhere
This is a personal story of me and nature, shortly telling my experience and finished with a haiku. Hope you like it :)
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