Shareable elements and authorized conduct when using the STORYAP app

StoryAP is a service that promotes storytelling and sharing, in a space of expression where users can feel part of a community where everyone’s well-being and safety is preserved.
StoryAp promotes the principles of a supportive, multicultural Europe, attentive to respect for human rights and the environment.

Therefore, the user who uses the app agrees not to adopt the conduct described below, or to facilitate or support others in adopting them:

  1. Use the app to share content that is against the law, misleading, discriminatory, inciting violence against people, animals, property and the environment, as well as all content that exposes the identity of individuals at risk, putting them in danger
  2. Use the app to share hate speech and direct attack content aimed at people based on: ethnicity, nationality, disability, religious faith, gender, serious illnesses
  3. Use the app to share content that depicts, threatens, or promotes sexual violence, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, or that explicitly displays strong or violent images
  4. Use the app to share content that you do not own or have the rights to share
  5. Use the app to share content that violates the privacy and protection of personal information; content that shares, offers, or solicits personal or other private information that could result in physical or economic harm

StoryAp is a service that aims to promote the story of oneself and the world, also addressing complex issues, stimulating narration, research and documentation of the social, but always guaranteeing respect for human dignity, and avoiding the spread of violent content, such as contents that do not contribute to critical and informed reflection for the App community.

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