Farhad’s Perspective
This a story about Farhard, a boy who travels across the world, trying to understand the problematics regarding the environment.
A short fragment of the story

Farhads Perspective

This is a story about Farhad,

A young boy from Sweden.

He is a protector of the land

In a way that only him

Can understand.

He travels across the ocean

Visiting diferent places

across the blue sea,

To see the if the plants, the forests

And the streets are in harmony.

In one of his trips, he found

Garbage in the street,

He picked it up

It was a sad meet.

Then he saw more garbage

On the floor.

He was shocked

About this to his core.

When he started losing hope,

A deam of light was seen.

There were garbages

In bags for recycling!

And the floor was clean!

That he likes very much to see,

Because he loves nature

Of diferent types and colors

And, To him, even flowers

Are more important than dollars.

So continue to accompany

Farhads adventures,

There is much to be told,

About this man

Who loves the world.

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