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Me, my job and Europe. A little story of the three elements, but one.
A short fragment of the story

There is a bell. There is a logo. There is a t-shirt. Three elements, but one.

The logo is made by three E. One stays for Experiential. One stays for Educators. One stays for Europe. Three elements but one. I am happy, I have found a community with whom I can share my interest and my professionality.

There is me, Sergio. There is my wife, Silvia. There is my son, Davide. Three elements, but one. My family supports my interests, and this is not granted. I feel lucky and I enjoy life.

There is a conference. There is a host. There is a venue. Three elements, but one. This international community is an informal organization, spread all around Europe with no boundaries and no foreclosure. This is the Europe I want.

24/04/2013. Three elements, but one.

This is the date of my 40th birthday. Me and my family are participating to my first EEE conference. I just lost my job. Three elements, but one. Time is life and life is time. If you get rid from what you don’t want, you can make place for

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I start from an object, during a training.
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