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The two paths of migration
To find oneself or to lose oneself. To survive or to die. Be well or be lost again. What does it mean to migrate? Since ancient times, migration has been a natural instinct, a way of surviving and seeking a better life. For thousands of years, before becoming settled, human
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My Europe
Part of the activities of Cooperativa Contatto CEMEA Veneto, Yomem project
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Small Reasons To Be Happy
By writing this story, I want to express that in remote villages, in the absence of facilities, there are little things that can cause great happiness. All the people in that small remote community are always ready to help and cooperate with each other, and there's happiness. Everyone shares and
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Birkenau-It happened once, so it can happen again.
The narration of the most touching moment in Treno della Memoria's trip: the Auschwitz-Birkenau's memorial.
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Treno della Memoria, restituzione finale.
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My project is about how I want to the world to be in the future. The title is Imagine!, it's a reference to the song by John Lennon. I would liket to imagine there will be a better place for everyone, with less war and more empathy. A safe place
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New europe
The new Europe, but not exactly new.
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The future of europe
My story talks about how I hope Europe will be in the future
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The Poet
I met a poet in a poetry club. In the following months i met him several more times. These situation were very chaotic and at the same time very predictable and constant. Original uploaded in Portuguese.
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“My 20th century'”
This is my story from the first day of our "ACTMEM" experience in Arezzo, Italy.
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Military women
A women that went to the army to help countries in need.
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This is a small story about the time I went to Malta alone to do a internship.
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