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The Story of Shikhali Mirzai
On the occasion of what is currently happening in Afghanistan, we want to bring to attention one of the stories on the StoryAP portal, the story of Shikhali Mirzai. I met the author personally in France, thanks to a European project, and it was a truly memorable meeting for me.
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Untold Stories
An honest look at what it is really like for a young person starting their journey into employment.
Lee mas
This story is about my parents who fled from a country at war to find peace and stability in Europe.
Lee mas
Welcome Euro
1 gennaio 2002: arriva l'Euro in Italia. ci avviciniamo all'Europa Unita. Il piacere di viaggiare all'estero senza la preoccupazione di cambiare la valuta e farci sentire a disagio con spese e valori che non riconosciamo subito. ricorderò sempre il primo viaggio fatto con il vantaggio di non dover cambiare i soldi
Lee mas
A Look at Making ‘Slow Media’ for Hospital Patients
This film shows how young people from the Open Mind mental-health filmmakers group are creating 'slow media' films to be viewed by hospital patients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, UK.