Deniz in Venice
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This story is about my journey about living in Venice. In this story, I mentioned how my life changed after moving to Venice? , I realized my passion for art in Venice. The environment had a huge effect on this. This story is important to me because moving to another country at an early age and living outside of my comfort pushed me to learn how to live fully independently. As well as, my friends had a huge effect on this. They supported and encouraged me through my journey in Venice.
A short fragment of the story

When I was 19, I moved to Venice for my bachelor’s degree and I started to study Philosophy, International Studies, and Economics. It is an interesting degree mix of these three majors. Also within the first few days I had met nice people and had a friend group. We started to explore the fascinating streets of Venice together. Venice is a city where every corner is full of history and art, I feel like I live in another era on this unique island. 

Moreover, I started to explore myself more, my interests have been changed. I realized my passion for art. Venice has the highest number of museums in the world. I had a chance to visit museums and have been to many art events. For instance every first week of September there is an international film festival in Venice. I felt amazed by the unique atmosphere of the festival. Indeed seeing celebrities and meeting with famous directors was dreamy. 

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