In between the DigitalMid 2021's works'flows, this is my contribution to the Erasmus+online project, concerning the Autobiographic digital skills introduced by Andrea Ciantar and the principal theme of the project: Xenophoby and social differences'acceptation
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Francavilla Fontana - Toulouse
Why this story is important
This story has a personal importance due to the intimacy of its contents related to purposes, exchanges and perspectives of the project in which it's inserted and can lead to the simplification in sharing, mediating between cultural, professional and personal choices of live in the contemporary social context.
How this story was created
Following the leading suggestions in the DigitMid 2021's Project, provided by Andrea Ciantar and the autobiographic digital method, i created this video-story by mixing a personal written experience about my life choices, graphic and musical contents used in licensed contexts online and developing my skills in selecting effects' and transmission's objectives.
Xenophoby in a personal life experience can lead the conscience in a research that builds personal gratitude and recognition of other cultures' and sensibilities' richness due to the differences within them.