Environmental awareness in Polish schools: the Ikigai of Piotr
After traveling the world, Piotr decided to come back to his home country to share his experiences with schools' students, talking about all the ecological problems he encountered along the way that are slowly killing our planet!
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Snupek is the dog of Piotr and Izabella, two normal persons that traveled around Central and South America. After seeing with their own eyes the main ecological issues caused by human civilization, this inspired them to be climate and environmental activists. Once they come back in Poland they became educators, explaining
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Art as a tool
“I was like: What can I do? I can do art! Art can be a tool, my tool, art can make an impact, can make a social change. I use art as an activist tool!”
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It’s been a hell of a ride
Photo-narration of to Domika Lasota, polish climate activist co-founder of the Wschód Initiative. She shares her journey and unwavering commitment to the youth movement for the protection of our environment.
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On The Road with Claws
A short interview with Izabella Miklaszewski - a climate activist who shares stories of her travels through comic books. She and her husband - Piotr, and her dogs Snupek and Lawa create a fun and interactive way of raising awareness of our current climate situation.
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Europa Fantasy
What if European Union was set in medieval fantasy?
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Patchwork Europe
Europe? What is it? What has it become? Who has had an influence? How do we perceive it? How do I perceive it? How did I stitch it? Yes. I stitch pieces of fabric one to the other to create what is now a unity – a kind of ‘patchwork
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Solidarity in Europe
The video tells a good example of solidarity between ordinary citizens of Europe - in this particular case between Poles and Bulgarians. The case is part of the personal story of a university professor. It concerns the changes of 1989 in Bulgaria and the difficult years after that.
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Gosia na Hawajach… [pełen tytuł w opisie]
Gosia na Hawajach które są kolonią Uk ze swoim przyszłym mężem który jest polskim robotnikiem w uk więc ma dużo kasy (i w euro bo to pred brexitem)
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