Storyap Award – Stories for Change

The ``StoryAP`` story archive launches a call to collect personal and collective stories, related to the theme ``Actions for positive change``, in Europe and worldwide.

The authors of these stories can be young people up to 30 years of any nationality (minors can be represented by parents or teachers).

The stories we want to collect can concern:

– projects or initiatives, carried out by informal groups or organizations, which seek to bring improvement in society, in different fields, such as  Human Rights, Equality, Environment, Community, Fair Economy, etc. The authors of the stories should be under 30 but the subjects of these stories can be of any age and nationality.

individual experiences, autobiographical stories which concern reflections and experiences concerning the theme of personal and social change. For example life experiences that increased our social awareness, meetings that allowed us to know social realities that we didn’t know, historical events lived by the personal point of view, etc.

These stories can be:

stories you have experienced firsthand, as individuals or as a group;

– or you can tell stories of experiences made by others, people of all ages and countries of origin. 

The archive is open to stories in a range of narrations (autobiographical or biographical):

  • Text: autobiographical narration, telling what you experienced directly in first person, or a biographical narration, if you are collecting experiences of other persons. The text in PDF format should be no longer than 15 pages.
  • Photo narration (text and pictures): a narration that’s composed of pictures accompanied by texts. It may be an autobiographical narration, telling what you experienced directly in the first person, or a biographical narration, if you are collecting experiences of other persons. Please send in PDF format, it should be no longer than 15 pages.
  • Video narration: you can tell the story through diverse types of video narration, such as documentary, video interview, digital storytelling or any other creative form. Maximum length 15 minutes uploaded to file sharing platform such as YouTube and Vimeo (see uploading below).
  • Comics: telling a lived experience of intercultural dialogue using graphics/images and text. The story, which should be no longer than 15 pages and sent in PDF format.
  • Audionarration: Autobiographical audio narration, telling what you experienced directly in the first person, or a biographical narration, if you are collecting experiences of other persons. Maximum length 5 minutes uploaded to file sharing platform such as YouTube and Vimeo (see uploading below).

AUTHORS –  The stories should be made young people up to 30, as individuals, or as part of an informal group, community or organization.

LANGUAGES – It’s possible to participate in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish. An English translation (if the story is in another mother tongue) or subtitles in case of video is welcomed but not mandatory.

FORMAT – The archive is open to different kinds of storytelling method: (autobiographical or biographical)

  • Text;
  • Photo narration (text and pictures);
  • Video narration;
  • Comics (Text and  graphics);
  • Audio narration.

NUMBER OF STORIES – There is no limit on the number of stories a person can enter.

DEADLINE – The deadline to send  in your story(s) is October 20th, 2021

SELECTION AND AWARDS – The international staff of Story AP will select – among all the stories received – some stories, in order to highlight specific themes, or particularly creative and original narrative methods. The first level of selection will be done at a national level, according to the languages of the stories. Each country will select four stories (one for each method of storytelling).

The second level selection, run by an international jury, will select four overall stories one from each narration category.

The chosen stories will be collected in the StoryAP Award Book.

The nationally selected stories will participate in national project presentation events.

To  upload the story, you need to:

  1. Register to the web site

2 Log in to upload the story through the page ”share-your-story”.

If your story is on a video you need to first upload the story on YouTube or VIMEO, and then insert the link in the StoryAp Archive.

If you have an audio story create a video file using a single image and your audio file.

Once you have uploaded the story, it will be published in a few days, after the authorization of the administrator.

You can also send your stories by email to the emails below, using the attached description card:




    • Italy – Cemea – (Coordinator) –
    • Italy (and other Countries not listed below) –FIT CEMEA, Storie Di Mondi Possibili –
    • Poland – Stop –
    • Romania -ProXpert –
    • Sweden – Mobilizing Expertise –
    • Uk – United Kingdom – Real Time –
    • France – Cemea Centre –
Stories participating to the call

L’ acquerello
La storia di un acquerello che ho trovato in casa e che narra un pezzetto di storia di un membro della mia famiglia perseguitato durante il nazista, che fu nell'Europa di allora un uomo di pace.
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La lepre di cioccolata (Chocolate Bunny)
Un ricordo d'infanzia nel quale da bambina timida e malata, che abita con i genitori in una città del centro Italia, mi trasformo in bambina coraggiosa e sportiva, quando vengo presa per mano dal coetaneo figlio di una vicina di mia nonna in Baviera.
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Una storia di vita vissuta fra il Burkina Faso e l'Italia. Una storia vera, drammatica ma anche di speranza e di perseveranza.
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Civic involvment
A story about a teenager who discovered how important is to be involved
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It all started when I learned the C major range. I was very small. At that time I did not realize that this was the beginning of my journey. As time went on I fell in love with music, as I aim to invest time in passion and that's exactly what
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Fears doesn’t kill death, it kills life!
Two years ago I had no expectations from life, I had become an empty shell. Luckily for me, I managed to find people (strangers - at first) who were for me that point of support I needed so much. In time, they became the family I had always hoped for. I had
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Confront, not avoid
This is the story of my hardest decision. Some time ago, after a dispute with my mother, I ended up in a second not having a roof over my head. The moment I put all my thoughts together and my mind was clearer I started working to earn rent ... and
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Think. Local. Act. Global.
Four years ago, I was involved in an ecological activity together with all my classmates from school. The teachers organised a cleaning day in the whole commune of Făurești. All the children from the school went with the teachers to collect the waste from the roadsides. It was a beautiful
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Big Touches on Small Lives
Integration of girls into social life through sports (in particular handball).
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Le rotelle fuori posto
Una breve storia su un momento importante di apprendimento della mia infanzia. Realizzata durante il laboratorio StoryDec, Storytelling to Develop Civic Competences in Young People, Erasmus Plus Project - Youth
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