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European Stories

“Call for narration” of the project

Memories Across Europe




Why this “Call for narration”….

 The “MAE Call for narration” is a way to share and make visible the many personal experiences related to the theme of Europe.

Through these memories we want to make a contribution to affirm the values of democracy, coexistence, social justice,  as founding values of the European Union.

What stories

  • AUTHORS – you can tell your personal experience , or collect the story of another person. The story can be an individual or group work.
  • MEDIA CATEGORIES: stories can be created through various media and storytelling methods. Particularly it will be possible to take part in the prize in one or more of these categories:
    1. Text: autobiographical narration, telling what you experienced directly in first person, or a biographical narration, if you are collecting experiences of other persons. The text in PDF format should be no longer than 5 pages.
    2. Photo narration (text and pictures): a narration that’s composed of pictures accompanied by texts. It may be an autobiographical narration, telling what you experienced directly in the first person, or a biographical narration, if you are collecting experiences of other persons. The story have to be in PDF format, no longer than 10 pages.
    3. Video narration: you can tell the story through diverse types of video narration, such as documentary, video interview, digital storytelling or any other creative form. Maximum length 10 minutes uploaded to file sharing platform such as YouTube and Vimeo.
    4. Comics and Illustrations: telling an autobiographical or biographical story through comics and illustrations. The story should be no more than 10 pages long and should be sent in PDF format.

THEMES – This “call for narration” is aimed at stories concerning personal experiences of Europe. Here are some inputs:

  1. My Europe
  • My first personal experience of Europe: try to remember the first time you experienced Europe; what happened? How is this memory important to you today?
  • My story in European history: important historical events for Europe, experienced firsthand by you, or by people whose history you want to collect.
    1. Stories of Social change in Europe
  • Experiences that you know, directly or indirectly, of people or groups, trying to bring positive changes. These stories can concern the most diverse themes: environment, education, social inclusion, health, human rights, etc..

For more inspiration check out the previously published stories:

 How to participate

  • Sign up to the portal and upload your story!
  • At the end of the upload select your participation to the “MAE call for narration” and the “MAE Project”.

Alternatively you can send the stories via email, to the address, with the attached description form that you can download here:

Send us your story by February 28, 2023!

Selection and awards

The selection of the call winners will take place in two phases:

  1. a) The first selection will take place at national level in the partner countries of the YoMEM project, namely: Italy, France, Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland. Four stories per country will be selected.
  2. b) The second selection will take place at European level, by a transnational jury. This will lead to the selection of six winners, one for each partner country, who will be invited to the final event in Rome, in May 2023!
  3. c) Finalists and winners will also be included in a final publication.

For more info contact the following email:

This Call for Narration is realized within the project Memories Across Europe – MAE, Erasmus Plus KA2 – Adult Education, n. 2021-1-IT02-KA220-ADU-000029330.

Project partners:

  • Associazione Storie Di Mondi Possibili (Coordinator) – Italy
  • ADN – Archivio Diaristico Nazionale – Italy
  • Sozial Label – Germany
  • Eic – European Information Centre – Bulgaria
  • Stowarzyszenie Trenerow Organizacji Pozarzadowych – Poland
  • Mobilizing Expertise Ab – Sweden
  • E-Seniors – France

MAE call for narration is supported by the StoryAP portal, Stories for Active participation:

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which could be made of the information contained therein.

Stories participating to the call

Covid through the emotional hat
I participated in the workshop "Face The Challenge: Active Youth", facilitated by Nasko, Stanislava, and Dimitrinka and this is the result of the homework they assigned us at the end.
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Pedro or Zdravko? – a collective identity of the quaranteens
"Pedro or Zdravko? - a collective identity of the quaranteens" tells the story of a workshop, organised with a lot of thought, love and passion. The concept of collective identity, thinking hats and the connection between social media and COVID. A thought-provoking dialogue of quaranteens, baring the challenge of a world
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Some dreams come true sooner than expected. Fate loves the brave and even if sometimes making things happen is a form of pure luck, we have to cling to it and squeeze it like a lemon into lemonade. We sweeten with a spoonful of sugar and enjoy life. It’s simple.
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A real journey on a map
Паметникът на откритията е едно от местата в Лисабон, което имах голямо желание да посетя. Той е забележителност, построена преди около 60 години и напомня за епохата на Великите географски открития. Представлява кораб, който е в готовност да отплава. На него има фигури на Ма
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My unforgettable visit to Vasilyov hut
Тази история започна в момента, когато моята приятелка и някогашна съквартирантка, Ради, от Троян, в един наш телефонен разговор ми каза, че идното лято, когато ѝ гостуваме с дъщеря ми, ще ни заведе на хижа Васильов и ще останем да нощуваме там. Не стигат думите да опиша вълне
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My Story about Etna volcano
When we talk about Sicily, the first thing that comes to mind is the Mount Etna volcano. Montebello (Italian) means ‘beautiful mountain’. This is how the Sicilians call Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe (3 329 m). Almost every year Etna reminds us of itself.
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My participation in the Ambassador school
The collage contains photos from my participation in the ambassador school, which is part of the "Euroschool" project. It took place in 2019, when me and my classmates from different classes applied for the project. We had the opportunity to be in the shoes of the politicians sitting in the
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One small, but very beautiful country
San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world. It has the smallest population of all the members of the Council of Europe. it is small, but very beautiful country! The photos were taken on August 2, 2017. We are located on one of the three towers of
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Paris – Magic and My Love
I hold a picture in my hands.... My whole being is filled with love, trembling excitement and the memories take me back 10 years in time... Some dreams come true sooner than expected. Fate loves the brave and even if sometimes making things happen is a form of pure luck, we have
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FINO ALL’ULTIMA ORA! / До последния час!
La storia della mia famiglia è legata al Re. Oggi ho deciso di raccontarvelo, come lo ricordo fin dall'infanzia, in memoria di mia nonna Maria - figlia di una persona normale e degna - il mio bisnonno - Stefan Krastev / ГВАРДЕЕЦА - Parte della guardia reale/.
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