Our Call “Quarantine Stories” will last until September 30th

The health crisis linked to Covid 19 is still ongoing worldwide. Some countries, such as  USA, Brazil and many of the Asian countries, are now facing the most critical moment. Italy, Spain and other European countries are instead in a phase of exit from the crisis, even if the attention should not stop.

Everywhere we see the aftermath of this pandemic from many points of view: economic, health, cultural and above all social. But at the same time we have seen, and continue to see, energies from below that have been activated during these critical moments, both individually and collectively. Energies that have not stopped even in the countries that are emerging from the crisis: they are still in circulation and carry around precious stories of change and solidarity.

For this reason we want to announce the extension of the “call for narration- Quarantine Stories”, through which we have so far collected 66 stories, thanks also to the contribution of other associations, such as Geapolis, the Voluntary Service Center of Lazio, CEMEA, and many others.

In this “sea of stories” we have seen the most diverse experiences: remote solidarity experiences via telephone in support of parents of children with disabilities; we read about social canteens, the collection and distribution of food and medicines for those who could not leave the house because they were more fragile; we have collected the stories of the anti-violence centers that have not abandoned women to their isolation with violent companions. Some stories, then, gave us the vision of those who took this moment to act constructively and reflect on themselves, at collective and individual level, asking themselves “How do we want to live on this earth?”.

We consider this set of stories a real heritage to be preserved, nourished and spread. For this reason, we want to leave some more time, until September 30th, to collect further stories of change related to the crisis of the Corona Virus, through the “call for  narration  – Quarantine Stories”.

So tell your stories, to share the “collective intuitions”, the actions carried out, the “social innovations”, the individual and collective learning gained during the crisis; because telling a story means opening a window on a world, sharing experiences, values, ideas. Don’t allow these experiences to fall into oblivion, but let them contribute to bring a change.