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Integration of girls into social life through sports (in particular handball).
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After playing handball actively for 18 years, I started working as a trainer and gym teacher in a small town. I started working to establish the girls' handball team that I had dreamed of for years. The townspeople did not allow girls to do sports due to their religious beliefs and cultural values. The girls, on the other hand, did not want to play much because of environmental pressure and family fears, even if they wanted to play. First we started by convincing a couple of girls, then I talked to the families of these girls. We set up a handball team in the town by motivating them all, is it the result? The result is in the photo.

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Why this story is important
Gender equality in sports means that all individuals have equal rights and opportunities because of their gender. Especially in Turkey, we see that the rate of girls doing sports is very low in rural areas. We are faced with gender-based inequalities in the field of sports. As a result of this situation, girls stay away from social life. We know that all people at all levels of sports should take part in sports actively and as participants. If we want to integrate someone into social life, we should use sports as a tool. We must know how to motivate people. We should explain the importance of the work you will do to them and increase their participation.
How this story was created
Problems in the field of sports that I encountered in my past life led me to compose this story. Because sports are everything to me, I want everyone to do sports, regardless of age. I am doing my best for this right now.
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