About Us

StoryAP is…

StoryAP is a free portal for sharing individual or collective stories, concerning social and personal change.

What stories?

The stories we want to collect can concern:

– projects or initiatives, carried out by informal groups or organizations, which seek to bring improvement in society, in different fields, such as Human Rights, Equality, Environment, Community, Fair Economy, etc.

individual experiences, autobiographical stories which concern reflections and experiences concerning the theme of personal and social change. For example life experiences that increased our social and cultural awareness, meetings that allowed us to know social realities that we didn’t know, historical events lived by the personal point of view, etc.

These stories can be:

stories you have experienced firsthand, as individuals or as a group;

– or you can tell stories of experiences made by others, people of all ages and countries of origin.


The archive is open to stories in a range of media:

  • Text, as Autobiographical stories written in the first person, or Biographicals, if you write stories of others;
  • Photo narrations, a narration that’s composed of pictures accompanied by texts. It may be an autobiographical narration, telling what you experienced directly in first person, or a biographical narration, if you are collecting experiences of other persons;
  • Video narrations, which can be realized with the most different methodologies: Video Reportage, Video Participation, Digital Storytelling, etc…;
  • Comics, stories of social change narrated through comics, as personal stories told in the first person, or stories of others;
  • Audionarration, as autobiographical audio narration, telling what you experienced directly in first person, or a biographical narration, if you are collecting experiences of other persons;
  • Studies and research carried out through life stories, concerning the theme of social change.

 Other info

Within the broad theme Actions for positive change, in Europe and worldwide”, we will, from time to time, offer you particular ideas of stories to tell.

The Archive will launch calls for narration.

The Archive can host stories of other projects focused on active participation and social change.

How to upload the stories

  • Let’s create an account, as individuals or as organizations;
  • in your account you can upload more than one story;
  • when you upload a story you can save a draft, for example if you decide to include more info before submit the story;
  • you will find in your account the list of the stories uploaded; from there you can open the draf, make improvement, and submit the story;
  • from your account you can also open the stories already submitted, if you need to make corrections or improvements;
  • when you have finished go to the bottom of the page and click “Submit the story”. A as soon as the story is approved by the administrator it will be visible.

StoryAp background

StoryAP was created within the project Storytelling to Develop Civic Competences in Young People –Erasmus Plus – Strategic Partnership – Youth, managed by:


Federazione Italiana CEMEA – Italy


STOP (Stowarzyszenie Trenerow Organizacji Pozarzadowych) – Poland

Pro Xpert

Pro Xpert Association – Romania


Mobilizing Expertise – Sweden


Real Time – UK


CEMEA Centre – France


Storie di Mondi Possibili – Italy

Our Staff


Andrea Ciantar
Coordinator (Italy)


Elisa Elia
Content Publisher (Italy)


Andrea Piras
 Communication (Italy)


Stefano Costi
 Developer (Italy)