A little part of Spain in Sweden
I hope to learn a lot with all the people who are part of this project
A short fragment of the story

Hello, my name is Vanessa. I’m 27.

I come from a small village in north of Spain, these three last years I lived in the south of French, I have used this time to learned the language and knowns the culture, meet the new people and travel.

I decided to come in Sweden during four months to work with mobilizing expertise.

In this project I would like to learn English and use my knowledge and experience to improve people quality’s life.

I want to enjoy this opportunity for work the social side of people and work outside the industry.

Later I would like finish my psychology studies and may be work with drugs addicted or consulting.

In my free time I like walk in the nature, know the beautiful and different places.

I really like knowing the traditions of each place and eat the typical food. I love read.

I hope to learn a lot with all the people who are part of this project, see you soo

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