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34 years later in Europe, how many more walls to come down?
On 9 November 1989, tens of thousands of East Berliners reached the crossing points of the Wall after hearing on the radio or television a press conference by a leading Communist Party official announcing new rules, effective immediately, for crossing into West Berlin. These words were enough for the East
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Mon utopie pour l’Europe en 4 questions
This video was produced in the framework of the workshop "My Utopia for Europe", which took place on 12 October 2022 in the premises of E-Seniors. The participants Ann, Anaïs, Brigitte, Denis, Marie-Joëlle and Solange expressed in short phrases their vision(s) of Europe, and their hopes and fears for its future.
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Gli occhi si allineano
A. racconta l'esperienza di educatrice all'interno del Treno della Memoria.
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Io ti ricordo
Un racconto da V., educatrice del Treno della Memoria.
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Buenos dias compadre!
Un racconto di solidarietà e aiuto ricevuto dal popolo e dai medici cubani durante la pandemia Covid 19 in Italia.
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Questa storia è stata creata durante il laboratorio di scrittura autobiografica del progetto ACTMEM - Active Memories all'interno del festival NO BORDER 2023 a Città dell'Utopia, Roma. Ottobre 2023
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Musicalmente dura
La pioggia su Bilbao, il racconto di un viaggio. Le scoperte in una città in grado di sorprendere, e le riflessioni sulle dimensioni dell'agire collettivo.
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River Stories
This video is a result of a Storytelling workshop with the Video interview methodology. This video aims to highlight personal memories and the importance of the Douro River for the people of Gondomar. The Workshop was held within the scope of the European project ACTMEM, funded by Erasmus+.
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Lorenzo tells how his group of friends dispersed and how he overcame that.
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Reaching Independence
André tells the story of how moving to another city to study started a process of self-discovery and achieving independence.
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Coming in
Sofia tells the story of how she discovered who she was, her sexual orientation and her freedom.
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Erasmus + Changed me
Margarida did an exchange program in Cyprus through the Erasmus + Program that changed her mind.
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